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Very practical multi-purpose rack case.

Extra rack space on top to install 19" mixers, controllers, etc

Sliding Laptop support

Keep your equipment wired in the case so you can set up your gear in seconds !

Equipped with 4 rotating castors of good quality (2 with brake)

The details make the difference:

Front cover:

can be transformed in seconds into a table

the table can be used on the right side or the left side of the case.

A cable passage is provided on both sides of the case

Laptop support:

Thanks to its design, the portable computer can stay inside of the case during transport

The Velcro straps fixed on the tray + the extra foam in the top cover will help to keep your laptop in place during transport

The rails of the laptop support tray are mounted low enough so they are not disturbing you when you use a 19" mixer or controller in the horizontal rack space.

If you don´t need this laptop support, you can simply take it off

Rear door:

Faster to open / close as a normal rack cover

Corner cutout so the door can be closed, even when cables come out of the case.

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