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This special PIX controller makes it easy to control both LED POWER BANK and LED POWER BEAM without the need for a complicated DMX-controller.

Thanks to the internal clock this controller can create full automatic schedules for the illumination of buildings (hotels, shops, discotheques, public & amusement parks, fairgrounds, ... ) with several different programs at different times of the day!

Several internal programs:

8 different wash programs (smooth color fades with adjustable step/fade times)

8 different effect programs (color chases with adjustable speed)

8 editable programs (up to 100scenes can be adapted by the user)

The PB-01 can also be connected to any DMX-controller so all effects can be activated by DMX.

Menu driven LCD-display (2x 16 characters) with password protection to prevent unauthorized changes to the programs.

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Size: 18 x 12,5 x 4,9cm Weight: 0,7kg

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