EAN: 014D/TD-WL4

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Key Features

- Designed to be used with two WL-4 wave guides

- It provides uniform response, on and off-axis with a neutral and natural frequency reproduction

- Coverage angles of 90o in the horizontal plane and 20o in the vertical plane

- Precise directivity control in the pass band

- Cast aluminium construction

Technical Specifications

Throat dimensions (WxH) 36 mm. 1.4 in.

Horizontal beamwidth

90º (+4º -30º)

(-6 dB, 0.63 - 16 kHz)

Vertical beamwidth 40º (+22º -9º)

(-6 dB, 1.6 - 16 kHz)

Directivity factor (Q) 12.5 (average 0.63 - 16 kHz)

Directivity index (DI) 11 dB (+2.6 dB, -3.2 dB)

Cutoff frequency 800 Hz

Dimensions (WxHxD) 250 x 280 x 220 mm.

Cutout dimensions (WxH) 215 x 245 mm.

Net weight 1.2 kg.

Shipping weight 2 kg.

Construction: Cast aluminium.

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